Gift Card Monkey

Gift card monkey franchise

      Gift Card Monkey Franchisees purchase gift cards for major retailers from their customers for cash and sell them to other customers for a profit.

Minimum Investment:  $14,900



homevestors franchise

      HomeVestors is the #1 real estate franchise & home buyer in North America.  We are now launching a NEW Associate Franchise Program at a fraction of the cost of a full franchise!

Minimum Investment:  $12,000


LetsLose Weight Loss

 letslose weight loss franchise

     Medical weight loss clinic franchise.  100 % cash business and a program that really works.  Strong corporate structure.

More INFO: LetsLose

100% Rigid Vinyl Kitchens

 ertel kitchen franchise

     Fabrication and distribution of 100% Rigid Vinyl cabinets.  No maintenance, no mold, no termites, no rust.  High durability,  Ideal for apartments, RV's and areas with high humidity.

More INFO: Ertel Kitchen

OK Tubes & Hoses

 ok tubes and hoses franchise

     OK Tubes and Hoses provides mobile services for the supply and repair of hydraulic tubes and hoses to businesses and home owners.  Financial assistance available subject to status.

Minimum Investment:  $25,000

More INFO: OK Tubes & Hoses

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Caring Matters

Caring Matters franchise

Caring Matters has redefined in-home care.  We can show you how to take advantage of this rapidly developing market and the growing need for in-home care services.

Minimum Investment:  $15,000

More INFO: Caring Matters


     greenpeople franchise

GreenPeople is the manufacturer and distributor of Miracle Lawns, Pinnacle Golf Putting Greens & Sporting Turf.  Our lawns are used for private gardens, landscaping, sporting fields, parks & city beautification projects.  Exclusive territory, marketing and training included.

Minimum Investment: $25,000

More INFO: Green . .

OK Can Cleaning

OK can cleaning franchise

      OK Can Cleaning provides trash and garbage can cleaning services.  Financial assistance is available subject to status.  Everything is provided to start your own successful business.

Minimum Investment:  $25,000

More INFO: OK Can Cleaning

Renters Warehouse

 Renters Warehouse franchise

     Renters Warehouse is a property management franchise dedicated to helping property owners lease and manage their residential real estate.  Renters Warehouse is one of the nation's leaders in residential property management.

Minimum Investment:  $25,000

More INFO: Renters

Sure Step

Sure Step franchise

     Save lives and money!  Slip & falls are the #1 cause of accidents in public places, and the #2 cause of accidental deaths.  Sure Step has little or no competition, and is needed everywhere.  Quick ROI.

Minimum Investment:  $24,750


More INFO: Sure Step

Green Shine

Green shine franchise

      Green Shine is a waterless car wash service with both location based and mobile operations.

Minimum Investment: $19,900

More INFO: Green Shine

Kid's Closet Connection

 Kids closet franchise

     Kid's Closet Connection semi-annual children's consignment sale franchise is a great recession-proof business for savvy moms who understand how lucrative kids clothing consignment can be.  Full or part -time options available.

Minimum Investment:  $12,000

More INFO: Kids Closet

OK Dog Washing

OK Dog Washing franchise

      OK Dog Washing provides mobile dog washing & grooming services.  Financial assistance is available subject to status.  Everything is provided to start your own successful business.

Minimum Investment:  $25,000

More INFO: OK Dog Washing


red rhino franchise

The Epoxy Flooring Company.  RedRhino employs high quality seamless epoxy floor coatings for industrial, commercial & residential applications.  RedRhino transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

Minimum Investment:  $15,000

More INFO: RedRhino

Sincerely Yogurt

Sincerely Yogurt

     Sincerely Yogurt is a frozen yogurt franchise that allows the customer to design their own custom creation.  They feature a hassle free payment system where the customer just weighs, pays, and goes.

Minimum Investment: $20,000

More INFO: Sinc Yogurt

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